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Triple H

Triple H

Triple H patio stones are available in a wide range of colours and textures, they can be used for patios, walkways or pool decks.


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By following simple instructions you can easily install Triple H patio stones yourself and create a wide variety of attractive designs. 

Triple H Exposed Aggregate paving slabs are beautiful because of their natural look. Actual authentic earth stones are brought in from different areas of Ontario and the United States to be used in the manufacture of our slabs.

The natural pebble texture of this product blends beautifully with any garden or landscape surrounding to maintain its natural look. Exposed Aggregate slabs maintain their beauty and natural colour over time.

Exposed Aggregate paving slabs installed by themselves in their own design variations look great at any time. They also combine perfectly with plain coloured slabs or interlocking paving stones to create a more diverse design. Dozens of interesting patterns can be made using Triple H patio and paving slabs.