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BrickStop Lighting

BrickStop Lighting

THE “BIGMAX” & "MINI MAX" LED RETAINING WALL LIGHT The only curved LED retaining wall light on the market capable of projecting a high output 120 degree swath of light at an unparallelled energy efficient performance of 1.9 watts per unit. This means you use fewer fixtures and consume less power.


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As with all our outdoor lighting, these units are completely waterproof and housed in sturdily built robust die cast aluminum fixtures that are corrosion-resistant and come with a 30- year powder-coating warranty. The LEDs are protected by an extremely strong polycarbonate UV stable lens guaranteed not to yellow with time or environment. The light has a 6’ allweather electrical pigtail which allows for easy installation and wire termination. Achieve entirely different looks by pointing the light downwards for walkways or shrubbery, or straight into the air for lighting the side of a house.

“LIGHT THE NIGHT” - Introducing PAVER DOTS, the smallest, brightest and easiest LED paver light to install you will ever come across. Waterproof and totally submersible, PAVER DOTS are suitable for ponds, docks, stairs, steps, driveways, walkways, and more. Use in fountains, around hot tubs and water features or as marine lights. PAVER DOTS differ from other LED recessed lights in that they have transparent polycarbonate covers that are nearly indestructible. They install totally flush with the surface, making them virtually unseen – and “unfelt” underfoot.

Small yet powerful low-voltage LED lights offer function and style. Perfect for landscape lighting, decks, docks, steps, patios, and gardens. Embed them in concrete walkways or steps, or to safely light stairs and under rails. Compact enough to fit just about anywhere. 40% brighter than ever and featuring an LED technology designed to last for decades.

The new Radiance Light brings a whole new demension and range to your outdoor lighting desing with the ability to project light in a near 120 degree swath, with light output that other manufacturers can only dream aobut!